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Our directories are published by working talent agents that recognizes the need to contact information for venues that book live entertainment. We found that hard copies, and even the popular hard copy directories are quickly out dated when there is a change in the contact personal. Hard copies are also hard to read and when trying to contact someone from a hard copy directory having to manually type their email address can be time consuming and can lead to errors. Our digital format you can simply click on an email address and you can also click on their website to checkout more info about the venue.

We charge a subscription fee to help cover our cost and time to publish and maintain our directories with added benefits. Although our directories are popular the revenue we make from subscribers only partially compensates of what we do. It’s our love of helping the entertainment industry that is our motivation. Your subscription fee is tax deductible as a business expense.¬† As a subscriber you are eligible for generous referral commissions. We will give you a discount code for your referrals to use to receive a discount and give you $10 commission paid out monthly.

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If you are considering subscribing you can get a discount code from a another subscriber. If you are not from a referral  then contact us and we will send you a discount code. Not only you enjoy user friendly contact listings, we also added many more benefits. We now give referral commissions for anyone that you refer to that subscribes to our directories. We will give you a discount subscription code for your referrals to save money when they subscribe, we also added a form field so they can tell us who refereed them. We will then send you a $10 commission to your PayPal account and you will also see the referral credit in your account page. We payout monthly so if you are active in referring our site then you can make good money.

Premium web design and services

We have expert web designers and can build you a web site of your dreams and discount prices. Our services include hosting, domain purchase, graphic designs, video and photo services, Google analytics, search engine submissions, seo, free demos and much more