West Coast Talent Buyers

West Coast Talent Buyers

West Coast Talent Buyers are online digital talent buyers’ directories covering the west coast United States that covers California, Oregon, Washington State, Nevada and Arizona. Our Nevada talent buyers’ directories includes the entertainment capital of the world Las Vegas. The talent buyers directories is published by a successful talent agent based in Las Vegas. As a talent agent I found one of the biggest hurdles is to find out who to contact. Calling the venue switchboard often leads to a run around ending up on an unanswered voicemail with no call back. You often end up without a name or email address to send your promo to. The popular printed directories are hard to read, hard to copy the email addresses and is quickly outdated if any contacts or info changed on a listing.

What our talent buyers listings look like

Each listing includes Venue name, location, entertainment manager name, phone number, email address, website, entertainment format, and venue image. Everything you need to plan and submit your entertainment promo and proposals.  Take a look at what our listings look like.

Advantages of our online digital entertainment directories

Talent Buyers

      The major advantage of our online talent buyers’ directories we can keep the listings up to date. If anything is to change such as a entertainment manager or entertainment director, we can quickly update the contact. Our talent buyers’ directories cover 5 states. They include theme parks, resorts, casinos, showrooms, lounges, concert halls, fairs, festivals, comedy clubs. We try to list all the major venues that book live entertainment. Our West Coast Talent Buyers directories covers the golden state of California. The California directory is large with lots of opportunities. Above California is the beautiful state of Oregon. Lots of good entertainment in Portland. No west coast tour is complete without performing in Washington State. They love their entertainment and Seattle is very well known as a hot bed of musical talent. One of the most popular states is Nevada, home of entertainment capitol of the world Las Vegas. Every performers goal and dream is to perform in the magical city. Resorts and casinos dominate the listings, there is also a strong local entertainment scene with lots of choices and opportunities. Another state that is included is Arizona. Arizona is a great state to perform in. Lots of Indian Casinos and fairs, concert halls. The state has excellent year around weather to make traveling easier.

The venues listed and states that are covered


Talent Buyers listings

About our subscriptions

When you subscribe to our talent buyer directories your information is kept private. We do not share information with anyone. There is also no advertisements on our site. Besides the several benefits of using our listings is that we offer support. If you have any problems or find any information on our listings you can contact us for immediate response. We are also available for advice. Once you are a subscriber you are also eligible to receive referral commissions. On our subscription page there is a field on the form and says “referred by”. If they put your name as a referral, we will send you a $10 commission. Subscription fees are tax deductible as a business expense. There are several subscription plans, one for each of the five states of a money saving bundle.

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